The Westline School

Welcome Message From The CEO

“Your honor, legacy, smile and happiness come from your children’s development and bright future. Please let us contribute in building this dream of yours.”

Dear parents and students,

Welcome to the new academic year 2017-2018 which is starting off very soon. On behalf of the board of Directors, management team, office staffs, teachers and myself, I would like to express my deepest thank to all our parents and students who have been supporting our quality and educational service of the Westline and Northline schools.

For this new academic year, we are planning to introduce into Westline and Northline schools very important features which will be helping students enhance their knowledge, skills, abilities, positive thinking in order become leaders for their family, the country and the world.

-       Strengthen and develop the students’ sense of responsibility and leadership.

-       Boost great conferences and other benefits for parents and students.

-       Develop and enhance the schools’ infrastructure to improve the educational service quality as well as the oversea cooperation.

-       Get into partnership with local and international school to bring in more and more scholarships

-       Introduce to students an international financial literacy which is recognized and used by 150 schools in Singapore and 500 schools in Malaysia.

-       Introduce the Leader-in-Me program Licensed 7 Habits for Highly Effective People from USA) to Westline and Northline schools in order to enhance our students’ leadership. This program was brought in from Franklin Covey Education, USA. It is used in the USA and the 40 other countries, about 3000 schools in total.

In this new academic year, we will be very glad to provide the best of educational service to our students and parents.

Best wishes,

Thank you.

Pech Bolene, BEd, MBA.
President and the CEO

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