The Westline School

The 2nd Annual Teacher Forum, 2014 On 5th July, 2014




This forum is conducted by Education Department with the association with the Westline Schools and the Northline School. Staff and Teachers who are working in English Kindergarten & Young Learner Program and Adult English Program are the participants of this forum. Teachers of English of Khmer Academic Program are encouraged to apply for the presenters and to enroll as participants.


After participating in this forum, participants will:

 * Participants:

Vice Principals of EKP/YL and AEP, Assistant to Vice Principals, Academic Coordinators, Teacher Assistants and teachers from programs concerned are encouraged to apply to be presenters in one of the following topics of interest:



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Presenter Name Topic
Mr. Ky Vutha Students’ Motivation
Mr. Harmon Driscoll Teaching Grammar in Context
Mr. Chhay Narong The Student Portfolio 
Ms. Mary Tolentino  
 Ms. Ly Channalin Effective student motivation
Mr. Keo Seyha How to Teach Effective Grammar
Mr. John Krist Chavez How to improve teaching in Cambodia
Ms. Yot Samros Teaching Language Skill
Ms. Kashmer A. Cailles Teaching Language Skill
Mr. Ronald Mckenna Pronunciation
Mr. Khim Ivhout Student Motivation
Mr. Hing Tithsya Teaching grammar to young learners
Mr. Ung Makara Language skills
Mr. Andrew Thomas  Use of games for teaching grammar
Ms. Cho Cho Thein Motivating Students
Mr. Chrea Sunnara How to motivate students to study
Ms. Peng Bunheang Teaching Speaking
Ms. Tong Narey The effective way in teaching vocabulary
Ms. Horn Sokhom The effective way in teaching vocabulary
Mr. MON Touch Teaching Grammar Passive Voice
Mr. Soeun  Sary Strategies to motivate students
Ms. Samoeurn Bottom Vatey Advantages of using games
Ms. Rin Sophea Let’s play and Learn (game)
Ms. Diolola Donina Daiserie Let’s play and Learn (game)
Mr. Uorn Sithorn Teaching Mixed Ability Classes
Ms.Swe Swe Aung Teaching prepositions for young learners
Mr. Doung Dara Error Correction
Ms. Prak Tola Error Correction
Ms. Som Davine Story telling
Mr. Lay Senghor Eliciting Vocabulary
Mr. Jonathan R. Stott Effective strategies for teaching vocabulary
Mr. Ret Saray Effective Way in Teaching Reading
Ms. Khek Leakhena Instill the Love of Storytelling
Mr. Tes Sokchea Effective Way in teach listening 
Mr. Sor Bunthao Effective Way in Teaching Vocabulary
Ms. Cho Thet Win Teaching vocabulary in kindergarten
Mr. Tum Tola Using digital storytelling to enhance students’ speaking
Ms. Tha Sokly Tools to Encourage Students to Become Engaged Learners
Ms. Zin ZinThient Effective teaching vocabulary
Mr. Isidro P. Hutalla JR. Effective Motivation of Health Education
Ms. Vanlalhruaii The effective way in teaching vocabulary
Ms. Katriona Pintano Vocabulary (Helping Students to Remember New Words)
Ms. Srey Leap cheata Materials Design
Mr. Phal Sotheara Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)


English Kindergarten Program

Khmer Academic Program

Adult English Program