The Westline School

Application Process

Condition of Acceptance

  1. For Kindergarten program, students have to be at least 3 years old on registration date.
  2. For Khmer General Education program, Grade 1 students have to be at least 6 years old on registration date.
  3. For Khmer General Education, Transfer-students: Students have to bring along with Student Observation Book and Student Record Book.

 For Adult English Program, Students are required to take the placement test to measure the students’ previous learning background and place students in the right level.

Starting learning at young age are quite important and, it provides valuable experience for all children. It is at this age that all children start creating their thinking habit and building up their own identification. Moreover, the start with successful learning experience at young would give students pride and high confidence in themselves as well as their job decisions when they grow up. The Westline School clearly understands the child development processes and is ready to help build up the successful foundation in life for your beloved children.

Registration Procedure

  1. The guardian should fill-in the application form and provides all the necessary information regarding to students’ previous learning background.
  2. The guardian should provide evidence concerning to student’s birth, a copy of birth certification, Family Book Records. (For Khmer General Education Program Only)
  3. The guardian should buy the application form with US$2.00, then fill-in all the necessary information and pay the school fee, other services are excluded.
  4. All payment should be done prior to start date of the new term or it can be done by the date on the receipt. All the payment can be done by term, quarterly, by semester, or yearly. Remember that all payment is not refundable or transferable. All late payment will be fined US$1 a day, except there is negotiation and agreement between the school and the student’s guardian.
  5. All kinds of payments can be done in cash, check, or the bank account of the Westline School. If bank account is used, the student’s guardian should talk to our receptionist about the payment and be responsible for paying the fee of the transfer service.


English Kindergarten Program

Khmer Academic Program

Adult English Program