The Westline School

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Choose to Learn at The Westline School?

  • Reasonable fee with affordable payment system which can be done at every three month (quarterly), six months (semester), or once a year (yearly)
  • Placement or entrance test before enrollment with regular observation on students’ learning progress.
  • International Standard Kindergarten Program
  • A standby nurse waiting to give medical care and advise
  • Parents or the guardians can get a regular Attendance Record, Monthly result and the Final result of each term, each semester and each year.
  • Keep good track on students’ attendance by contacting to students’ parents or guardian whenever students are absent without giving proper reason or permission from school.
  • Regular Parent-Teacher Conference on students’ learning progress, kid and youth development. 
  • Workshop and Education Program for parents or guardian.
  • English Training Program for Student’s parents, guardian and kid carers.
  • Entertainment Program for Kids and Student’s parents or guardians on Weekends
  • Additional Program: Art, Sport, music and Computer Programs.
  • Library and Internet to do study research.
  • Comfortable and hygiene canteen
  • Student’s transportation service with the school assistant who standby to take care for students on board.
  • Safe, comfortable with air-conditioner classroom which can provide students a safe learning environment.
  • Regular study tour to both natural and historical resorts.
  • Equip students with idea and consciousness on virtue, Humanitarians and leadership skill through participating in real social work. 

English Kindergarten Program

Khmer Academic Program

Adult English Program